You can do some of it part of the time, for quite awhile. But you can’t do all of it all of the time for very long.
— Capt Anders Lassen, Danish commander of M Squadron of the British Special Boat Service during the Second World War.

You only lie to two people in your life: your girlfriend and the police.
— Jack Nicholson

If she have spoken a word, remember thy lips are sealed,
And the Brand of the Dog is upon him by whom the scent is revealed.
If she have written a letter, delay not an instant but burn it.
Tear it to pieces, O Fool, and the wind to her mate shall return it!
If there be trouble to Herward, and a lie of the blackest can clear,
Lie, while thy lips can move or a man is alive to hear.

— From Rudyard Kipling’s Certain Maxims of Hafiz

“…Don’t you realize that an ideal expression is impossible unless it is wholly artificial? The ideal is but an illusion, skillfully sculpted by the artist.
— Eric Van Lustbader. White Ninja

2 thoughts on “Deception

  1. Hi,
    Came for the GLF , saw you on the first day, and was intrigued enough to get the book:I’m reading it now, and am pretty enthralled by it.Congraulations on writing a cinematic, gripping thriller, on a par with with the best of the genre.The kicker for Sri Lankan readers is of course that this is mostly our history and current affairs.
    I was in the audience when one idiot came up with the question if you were from the ruling classes or from the peasants,(are you a rifleman) and you handled it very well.Keep writing, we need your scalpel to peel away the scabs and falsehoods of our society.

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