Tintin Outed — Asterix & Obelix Consider Coming Out of the Closet!


That’s what gay British journalist Matthew Parris says. According to him, it’s pretty obvious that Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi (aka Herge) created his most famous character to be homosexual. Parris’ indisputable logic is hard to argue with — sort of like that guy who claimed Tamils invented crepes.

Check out his article, but these are the basic reasons:

Tintin never talks about his parents — how gay is that?

Herge suggests Tintin was a Boy Scout — obviously gay then.

Tintin first appeared in 1929 in a Roman Catholic paper — Catholics are obviously gay, no? Continue reading “Tintin Outed — Asterix & Obelix Consider Coming Out of the Closet!”

Snapshots of the Galle Lit: #2 The Gay Cliche

Jake Oorloff performs Voicing Silence

Day one of my Galle Literary Festival was long and hot and ended on the balcony of the Rampart Hotel in the Fort (or so I thought). One of the two sessions I’d been to had been excellent, so a 50% hit rate didn’t seem too bad. The gang was ready to head back to Unawatuna and something a bit more hard-hitting than the not-very-cold beer at the Rampart, but my girlfriend had convinced me to stay and watch the theatre performance that was about to start. So OK, I’d rather be at a boring play with her than off on my own, and what the hell, how bad can this performance be? Continue reading “Snapshots of the Galle Lit: #2 The Gay Cliche”