The gist of what he was saying appeared to be that the world was a pretty horrible place. Full of wars, suffering and misery. A lot of people seemed to believe that the world was in pretty bad shape for this reason or that, that if only humanity became religious, or Communist, or democratic, it would become better. Some thought it was just a question of Algeria being liberated, or women becoming equal, or Canadians stopping the slaughter of baby seals. But all this was nonsense.

The world according to Louis, couldn’t be put right until every existing institution in it had been erased — a tabula rasa, as he put it — and people could start building it up again from scratch. Therefore, he said, for the group of people who understood this it didn’t matter if other people were fighting for this cause or that cause, whether they were blowing up a place for the socialist future or the glory of the church. As long as they were blowing it up, Louis explained, they would be helping humanity.
George Jonas. Vengeance

Axe time, sword time, ever the world falls, wind time, wolf time, ever shall brother his brother slay.
— from Gotterdammerung

One moment the world is a nice place, calm and quiet and beautiful. The next moment it is bloody chaos and you are going to die unless you react with total, outright violence.
Pistol instructor, British SAS

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