The Best View in Unawatuna

I don’t think anyone¬†could sue me for that title, but strangely, the view from the Peacock’s second floor balcony isn’t the only reason to stay there. Having one of the best beaches in the world literally at your doorstep probably is. One of the first things that struck me when I visited the Peacock for lunch back in November was how much it reminded me of the International in Hikkaduwa, only better. International, before it became overpriced and the cook decided to have a joint before getting into the kitchen. One of the best features of the International was it’s great beach and the double-decker restaurant that overlooked it, but whereas in Hikka the arse-kicking waves are a fire-walking hundred-meter dash over blazing sand, in Unawatuna the water laps gently at your toes the moment you step off the Peacock’s raised restaurant terrace. In November, you could dangle your feet in the water if you sat on the edge of the terrace, but by December and January the sea had retreated a civilized ten to fifteen meters, which lets you have a table right on the beach if you prefer it. Continue reading “The Best View in Unawatuna”

French House, Unawatuna

The peaceful hidden garden at the French House.

This little getaway was recommended by a friend and so we decided to stay there during the Galle Lit Fest. Driving down the Devalaya Road, you can almost miss the joint ‘cos the entrance is so tiny. It’s actually just a gated alley between a vegan restaurant and someone’s garden, and there’s no where to park at all.

Walk down the narrow passage, though, and it opens up to a walauwwa-style house with a stunning little garden, complete with pond and gazebo. The place is run by a pair of brothers named Guy and David (they’re French, so that’s Gee and Da-veed) with just one young local as a sort of waiter and handyman. Continue reading “French House, Unawatuna”