You can win the rat race but you’re still a rat.

The human race is an unfair and stupid competition. A lot of the runners don’t even get decent sneakers or clean drinking water.

Some runners are born with a massive head start, every possible help along the way and still the referees seem to be on their side.

It’s not surprising a lot of people have given up competing altogether and gone to sit in the grandstand, eat junk food and shout abuse.

What we need in this race is a lot more streakers.
— Banksy

One thought on “Life

  1. Ha ha….. should have above quote under ‘Truth’ and not ‘Life.’

    May I add….. at least rats do not kid themselves. They just eat, drink, mate and die.

    But we….. we are branded, we are sophisticated. We are advanced, we are well mannered. We preach justice and ethics, but compete for money, power and sex like monkeys for bananas.

    Yes, we might as well have more ratty streakers.

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