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An Incomplete SL Army Order of Battle for Mullaitivu


OK, this is the order of battle for the SL Army divisions tooling up for Mullaitivu. I have also included the 53rd and 55th Divisions on the Peninsula, because they’ve been involved in the strategic flanking actions earlier this month, though it’s unlikely they’ll see combat at Mullaitivu. I’ve left out the new Task Force 5, because it’ll be securing the A9, and won’t be used against the Mullaitivu triangle. For divisional positions, please see this map. This order of battle is still incomplete, and may have some errors. If anyone can correct or add to it, please do so via the comment section. Try and include a link that can verify the authenticity of the info if possible.

Disclaimer: All of this info has been gathered by analysing reports and articles available to the public. Continue reading


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