Death by Any Other Name

The Sunday Times quotes the Prisons Department spokesman as saying that a new title is being sought to replace that of “hangman” as the negative connotations of the current title of the post is putting off applicants for the vacant spot. I have helpfully made up a list of possible designations for this job; feel free to add to it:

Life Terminations Officer

Permanent Citizenship Revocation Manager

Life Executive Officer, Prisons Department

Director of Lifestyle Suppression

Chief Operations Officer, Executions & Terminations

Terminal Penalties Officer

And my personal favourite: Director of the Division of Ultimate Solutions

One thought on “Death by Any Other Name

  1. Life Terminations Officer has a certain ring to it David. Just the same I think that you are on a more certain track by offering a title as in COO-E&T. Chief of Elimination Services. Chief of Termination Services. Perhaps they could make a game of it….could be called ‘hangman’ Automated roping, then, come the designated hour the winner takes all. Electronicution. It can be a crude world.

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