Peace in Five

Was tagged by the End on this Five Words About the SL Situ that RD started. I can’t really put my thoughts into five words. It’s a bit too complex for that. At least for me. So instead, I’ll give you five pictures. You can attach whatever words you think suit them.






And to keep it rolling, I tag Indi,
and DBSJ.

28 thoughts on “Peace in Five

  1. Add my name to the list of people whose heartstrings were ripped out by the last picture.

    As for the penultimate picture…let’s hope that adorable kid grows up in a safer environment than the one they were born in to.

  2. lol! foto number 4 is a “tsunami” child, the tent being donation of the italian civil protection, therefore brought to sl in jan 2005. im 99.9% sure of it, as i was part of it.

    1. That’s correct, Galleblogger. The pix represent my thoughts on recent events. It’s not meant to be historical or anything.

      Rajarata, we definitely won the war, but every victory has it’s costs.

  3. That last one got mate ! Someone said “It’s always poor folks who go to fight wars, so the affluent can keep on living”

    Life in Pictures… whom the bells toll !

    I dont really know who won now ! Seriously….I so sad !
    TKX DB ~ Laters ~

  4. You “said” the five David. I wonder about the dog with the soldiers, it seems very happy to be the mascot (if that is what it is).

  5. @kalusudda, you are such a sweetie for a person who has no perspective of Sri Lanka !!!! Stray dogs are quite common in Sri Lanka and they follow people in the hope of getting some food 🙂

  6. Mr. Blacker,

    I have responded.

    I highly doubt someone of DBS’ generation would indulge in this kind of blog-age writing exercise. That may be an unfair stereotype but I haven’t yet seen a response.

    1. Yes, Nayagan, I didn’t really expect to DBS to respond, though I hoped he might. Interestingly, Electra and you were the only two of the five I tagged to respond. But then, you don’t really expect MIA to respond to this, either, no?

  7. Nice post David –
    Many brave men have laid down their lives for the country, their families and loved ones have equally made sacrifices. As a citizen I will be eternally grateful to our brave men in the armed forces. Armed forces have done its job now its time for political elites to do their job. We have to immediately resettle IDP’s and address grievances through political and economic reforms. Otherwise this violent cycle is going to start again.

  8. no, i don’t, though I would give my SL ODI side autographed miniature bat to debate her in an open forum.

    after all, she is young enough to know what a blog is and probably narcissistic enough to know what is being said about her.

  9. The pictures are pretty amazing. But my five words (unasked for) are: We Now Have A King. I think that is the most frightening thing that can happen to this country at this juncture.

  10. Hi David, I needed to comment on your blog, now the war is over. One of my cousins knows of you, & recommended it to me. I’m Singhalese (with tamil relatives). I’ve lived in the UK since the seventies. Schooled in Sri Lanka for 2 years till the war started. I return to sri lanka every year. I remember hiding my tamil relatives in tea crates during the ’83 riots. I remember the war & reading about the main battles. I remember hating the LTTE till I became numb to it. I’ve never felt so Sri Lankan as I do now. I’ve never been so proud of our country and its armed forces. Your blogs have some of the most touching articles ive read about the conflict. I like them as they are non-racist, eloquent and straight from the heart. ‘Nineteen ’til I die’ and ‘For this All that blood was Shed’ almost made me cry… Thank you – (From one of the ‘privileged’ ones who never had to fight to keep our country unified, but who will be eternally grateful for those who did). C

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