So This is Christmas…


…And this year I…

Started a blog.

Got divorced (nothing to do with the blog).

Spent far too little time with my son (but enjoyed every moment of that time).

Tried to give up smoking (and failed).

Was happier than I’ve been in ten years.

Was sadder than I’ve been in my whole life.

Didn’t write my second novel.

Discovered how valuable friends are.

Caused more pain & heartbreak than can be forgiven.

Had a lifetime of selfishness catch up with me and break my heart.

Took a good hard look at myself and decided I didn’t like what I saw.

Started to change what I didn’t like.

Started to hate my job.

Started to enjoy my job.

Moved back with my parents.

Realized I didn’t have a lot to show for thirty-seven years.

Began to realize that maybe it doesn’t matter.

All in all, it’s been one of those milestone years in my life. Perhaps the most important one of all. I hope it’ll change me for the better. I’ll let you know next Christmas.

I’m tagging Indi, Noorie,and Ravana. Any non-bloggers, please feel free to just add your lists in the comments section.

7 thoughts on “So This is Christmas…

  1. Learned a lot about you, Now that the sun has began to burn the fog, I am sure this year will be a sunny and bright one for you.
    Me, I did a whole lot of things, mostly positive, feel like did too much for this 25 years!
    Looking forward to next Xmas!

  2. Thanks, Idolatry, but I’ve long stopped reading the comments on DefWire and DefNet. Once you’ve read a handful, you’ve read ’em all. Just a bunch of retards masturbating their sorry lives away, encouraged by admins who don’t really care what sort of content goes onto their blogs. In fact, I rarely visit either site anymore, mostly because there’s nothing much on them that you can’t find via Google. Defending myself against fools like Asiri or whatever he’s called is just pandering to what the attention-whore wants. Life’s too short to waste on the idiots of the blogosphere. Thanks anyway.

  3. This year,
    I too spent less time than I had wished for, with my son.

    Worried too much about money

    Didn’t say ‘I love you’ enough times to my wife

    Didn’t show my appreciation to her as much as I should have

    Did not trust my instincts about many things, and let fear take charge in my decisions

    Moved from Germany to France to Switzerland all in a space of about six months with family in tow.

    Did not stand up to my Boss when I was ordered to move lock, stock and barrel to France but don’t regret it since I fell in love with Southern France

    Did not even make an attempt to start an excercise program (oh well there’s still a month left)

    Missed Sri Lanka a lot

    Guess that’s my list, Thank you for putting this up David.

    By the way, Writing a best-selling book and having served in defense of your country is quite a lot to show by anyones standards, in my humble opinion!

  4. Hmmm…seem like 2008 was the year most men in SL got divorced, and moved back with their parents…..:)

    Join the Club David… You are not alone. Living with parents rocks!

    Here’s to all us men who divorced in 2008… and to the lucky SOBs who will do so in 2009! Cheers!

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