I’ve Never

I’m actually not too happy that DD tagged me on this. Frankly, I’m never happy with this tagging, because it makes me reveal a more personal side of me than I am comfortable doing on a blog. However, lately my blog’s become a bit more personal than was planned, so I think I’ll do it. I started this last week, but it got too depressing, so I scrapped it and restarted.


…spoken the words “I love you” to my parents.

…been to India.

…picked up a girl in a bar.

…been very patient.

…learned to parachute.

…seen a shark.

…been shot.

…liked hoppers.

…enjoyed a play.

…been really brave.

…been responsible.

…learned to play a musical instrument.

…been able to sing well.

…backed down from an argument.

That’s all for now.

4 thoughts on “I’ve Never

  1. I was anyway going to ask you once I get my shit sorted over here lets try to do Pattaya next year, so instead lets do India.
    Do one of those Viking type epic saga’s I talk about all the time. I.e. I’ll never forget Aranagawila.
    Plunders their homes, steal their women, drink (insert appropriate choice of beverage), sing and be merry!
    And for all that it’s worth or for the very little it may be:
    I LOVE YOU DAVY! 🙂 x x
    ‘Every breath you take – Police’
    And however much you ask me to f’off or is annoyed with me – I still love you.

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