The Hilarious Jathika Chinthana Website

The Jathika Chinthana Pravahaya has just gone up several places in my estimation to overtake as the most amusing blog on Kottu. What I really like is it’s subtlety. At first glance, you’d think they were serious, whereas Tamilnet is obviously tongue-in-cheek. These guys think Wimal Weerawansa, the JVP, and the JHU are the hope for Sri Lanka (see Mr Wimal Weerawansa Takes Another Patriotic Decision). Their latest post is titled Ban Homosexuality in Sri Lanka (Specially Among Sinhalese), and has a picture of two hot white chicks feeling each other up. One of their previous gems, Sri Lanka Should Ban Beauty Pagents! points out that “[Sex] is allowed purely as a private affair between a man and woman for the task of taking the generations forward.” Along with a picture of Jacky Fernandez in a bikini top. But what first got my attention was this beauty: UNP Runs a Gay Porn Site!. Check it out, it’s well worth it.

10 thoughts on “The Hilarious Jathika Chinthana Website

  1. The JCP blog is a superb satirical blog, I love the way they have ridiculous headlines, which at first glance appear to be the set up for jokes, and then follow it up with articles that are written using prose that comes across as serious debate. It basically keeps you guessing as to whether the authors are serious or not. Were it not for the most recent articles I would still not be 100% sure.

  2. Hello David,
    They completely got me. I thought they were serious! ;). Guess I got to grow up! and thank you for clearing things up. Man I am going to be laughed at now that I told some friends about it. I will txt them about your post! May be they will think I knew all along! Catch 22, then they will also see this comment!
    never mind they are my friends!

  3. I think these guys are actually serious about what they write. But you’re absolutely right…by far the most amusing blog on Kottu.

  4. I have gone back and forth on the issue of whether the JCP blog is satirical or not and I just cannot make up my mind!

    I think that’s a part of the fun!!!

  5. Although I find it hard to believe that these jokers are actually taken seriously, I have no option to but to believe that there are totally committed to the “cause”. Either that or it’s an elaborate prank. Would be interesting to hunt down the administrator/s and have a good old one on one. Might turn out to be quite a laugh…or on the flip side, if it’s genuine, may end up in a lynching. Interesting nevertheless!

  6. Does anyone know who is the admin of Jathika Chinthana Pravahaya? Is his name Kheminda Gunasekera? Pls post his e-mail address if you know.

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