46 thoughts on “How to Have Sex in a Mini

  1. Clearly you got the order wrong.

    1. willing partner
    2. dark lane (optional)
    3. own a mini (optional)

    You can borrow a mini or just break into one on a dark lane. I am a little concerned about step 5. If the lane isn’t flat…

  2. Not exactly safe hanging around dark lanes. A friend was making out and almost got hijacked, someone pulled a gun on him and tried to steal the pickup he was in (this was at the height of the carjack crisis) so best avoided in SL.

  3. David
    Posted this on AutoLanka.com and the guys are having a good laugh there too 🙂 tks for the material 🙂

    I’m thinking whether MINI Cooper themselves made this stuff out. Guerrilla advertising 🙂

  4. BTW guys if you have a classic mini don’t be too excited as the seat back wont go down! Any ideas 🙂

  5. Tried to apply this to a Classic Mini, didn’t work out so well. Finally decide to break in i a huge uggly 4×4 thing that was parked nearby.

  6. Getting a new 2010 MINI Clubman this weekend, woohoo! More space than my current standard MINI means four people in the car exploring the various footholds than just the displayed 2 dummies. Comes with heated front seats which are ideal in these…ahem…types of activities!

  7. i like it alot but me and my guy perfer a comfortable bed. well the first place i had it was the bathroom showers at a campground somewhere in Maine. And i am from Massachusetts. i am also lookin for a new boy to make my bed rock

  8. Sex is my life. I love this method, ive tried many because ive had sex a million times. boys rock my bed at night and i love having it for long hours.go sex and i need a new sex partner:)

  9. Not as easy as the instructions. just did it was fun but 4 legs in floor board my calfs where pressed against the glove box the penetration angle is great for the guy so can be done but i think next time ill fold the back seat down with knees in the cargo bay and her feet on the c pillars

  10. Allow feet to gain purchase in cutout in side of central console! ROFL.. this is hilarious. I presume this is tried and tested..

  11. I have an 03 Mini Cooper and it’s totally possible and I myself have tested it. Simply push both front seats forward to have more couch room in the back seats. Many positions possible with some getting used too. Please show your Mini some love and follow up with a good cleaning the next day. Happy Motorboating 😁

  12. Hahaaa! I have a mini & have tried all sorts! It is just not big enough for full effect but totally do able 🙂

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