The Bla’gaard

The Bla’gaard (local bastardisation of ‘black guard’ — example: “I bla’gaarded the bugger”) was invented by my goodself out of necessity (it was Poya, it was the only booze available, and I couldn’t be arsed to go out and get tonic). It has been tried and declared “bloody good” by all my friends.

50ml Rockland Dry Gin
50ml Guava Juice

Take a glass (doesn’t matter what it looks like, as long as it can hold 200ml, who gives a shit), and add 3-4 roughly broken chunks of ice (no cubes please). Drop in two thick wedges of lime. Pour gin. Add guava juice. Top up with soda. Stir well. Cheers.Repeat until desired result is achieved.

PS: For a slightly sweeter (Baby Bla’gaard) version, use Sprite instead of soda. For a slightly bitter (Damn Bla’gaard) version, use tonic instead of soda.

5 thoughts on “The Bla’gaard

  1. wonder what chris conway would say to that?
    perhaps he’d try it with mendis old…nah he’d drink that neat me thinks…how about a drunken monkey cocktail collection…here’s my contribution
    one shot of cashew feni(goa’s tequilla) with fresh lemon squeezed in,
    one bottle of lion lager,
    a shot of old arrack.
    rapid fire all three down the hatch.
    guaranteed explosion in the head:-)

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